Services and Fees


We offer walks, lots of playtime and exercise, feeding, poop scoop, litter box change, cuddling, pampering, lots of love!

Stella Walk 01

Stella C. out for a walk

Dog Walks/Pet Visits

We will walk your dog(s) in your neighborhood or visit with your pets at home for as long as they’d like! We do not do pack walks, we walk only your dog(s). For safety, we only walk dogs on a leash or let them play in your fenced yard.

Pet Taxi

Zeke Car

Zeke M. Going to the Vet

Need to get your pet to the Vet’s office or the groomer? Use our pet taxi service! We will pick your pet up at your home get them to their appointment safely and return them to your home.

Pet Sitting by the Half-Hour

Going away for the day or a week? Give us a call and we will work out a package that will fit your needs and keep your pets happy and in their own home.

While you are gone we will happily provide additional services such as:

  • water house plants
  • bring in mail/newspaper
  • turn lights on/off
  • open/close curtains or blinds