Linda Liversidge, Owner of Linda’s Critter Sitters, LLC, Obtains “Background Check PASSED” Designation

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Contact: Linda’s Critter Sitters, LLC
Phone: (860) 657-8653

Linda Liversidge, Owner of Linda’s Critter Sitters, LLC, Obtains “Background Check PASSED” Designation
Pet owners are encouraged to view Ms. Liversidge’s “Banner of Trust” on Pet Sitters International’s Official Pet Sitter Locator

Linda Liversidge, owner of Linda’s Critter Sitters, LLC, has obtained the “Background Check PASSED” designation through Pet Sitters International’s Locator Designation Program. To maintain this designation, Pet Sitters International (PSI) requires its professional pet-sitting members to pass background verification annually. Local pet owners can verify Ms. Liversidge’s current designation on PSI’s Official Pet Sitter Locator™ at

PSI is the world’s largest, most trusted educational association for professional pet sitters and the first pet-sitter specific organization to offer a criminal history verification program.

“As a professional pet sitter, I understand how important peace of mind is to pet owners when they decide who they will permit into their homes to care for their pets,” said Ms. Liversidge. “This is why I voluntarily participated in PSI’s Locator Designation Program and invested to fly my ‘banner of trust‘ so that local pet owners can feel comfortable selecting Linda’s Critter Sitters, LLC as their pet-sitting business of choice.”

Linda Keeter, SPHR, director of HR & client services at PSI, explains that this is not just any background check. In fact, the association invested numerous resources in research and logistics to create a compliant, third-party verification program, in collaboration with background screening expert, Sterling Infosystems.

“Not all background checks are created equal,” explained Keeter. “The background check for the Locator Designation Program is much more than just a broad scan of public registries. The thorough background screenings performed as part of PSI’s program are conducted at the county level, where most convictions are filed.”

Ms. Liversidge encourages local pet owners to visit or call (860) 657-8653 to learn more about the professional pet-sitting services offered by Linda’s Critter Sitters, LLC. To verify Ms. Liversidge’s “Background Check PASSED” designation status or to learn more about PSI’s Locator Designation Program, visit


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