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Pet Lovers Can
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Please note: We are always looking for just the right person. While we are always hiring we do not hire often.

JOB TITLE: Pet Sitter/Dog walker


Job Description: Pet Sitters/dog walkers provide a wide range of services for owners of a variety of animals which could include dogs, cats, birds, hobby farm animals, and poultry. It’s the perfect part-time position for someone looking to supplement their current income.  


Sitters may be required to feed, medicate, and give water to animals under their care while keeping their quarters and bowls clean. They are expected to pick up after any animal they care for (i.e. litter box cleaning, pooper scooping, and accidents). They are required to watch the animals closely to ensure they are in good health and are required to exercise animals which may include high-energy dog walks. They are required to write about the animals’ health, feedings, behaviors, and medications which they will articulate in notes that are sent to the client. They must be detail-oriented, problem-solving individuals who can easily follow written instructions and who can express themselves in clearly.


We are looking for sitters who are interested in working as pet care professionals. They must be highly motivated and able to self-manage. They must be focused, cheerful, positive, enthusiastic, and have a genuine passion for the care of animals. They must have a very high level of customer service. They must act responsibly while being patient and tolerant when administering care. Since our sitters work in private homes, discretion and respect for the privacy of others are required. Sitters must conduct themselves in a professional manner, have proper grammar, good spelling, and must be flexible.


Sitters must maintain emotional control during stressful situations, which may involve aggressive or sick animals, last-minute schedule changes, changes in care instructions, extreme weather, emergencies, etc. Certain visits may require frequent standing, brisk walking, lifting animals, and potentially dealing with dogs that jump up and have poor manners. Energy, good physical health, strength, animal sense, and stamina are a must. All employees are required to pass a reference and criminal background check and have a valid driver’s license as well as a Smartphone. Also, must have a reliable vehicle.


Sitters are also responsible for bringing in client’s mail/newspaper/packages, watering house plants, adjusting lights, and taking out the trash while ensuring the client’s home is secure and maintained until their return. Must be able to arm and disarm security systems.


Sitters must have a working knowledge of the internet, be comfortable learning new software programs and be able to access and respond to emails at least twice a day (once in the morning and again in the evening), have a Facebook account, and be extremely responsive.


All Employees are required to sign a non-compete/non-solicit agreement.

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Email SUBJECT: Application for pet lover.
Please include the position that you are applying for in your email. (Failure to follow directions will result in immediate disqualification.)

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